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Support the Benaki Museum 2020 Annual Campaign


Dear friends and supporters of the Benaki Museum,

Eleven months ago, the year 2020 kicked off with dynamism and optimism.

Very soon though we were all confronted with unexpected challenges and we had to be resourceful and adapt to new ways of coexisting, new modes of cooperating, new methods of communicating, and new ways of life.

The Benaki Museum adjusted to these challenges swiftly and resolutely. We immediately highlighted the valuable museum virtual tours we had already prepared in good time and in addition we created and disseminated (with the support of volunteers) original visual content that kept the Benaki Museum “open” on its audience’s screens. Behind “closed-to-the-public” doors, Benaki staff devotedly carried on with their tasks, continued their academic research and remained committed to the educational mission they serve.

Nonetheless, the first three-month lockdown from March to mid-June, as well as the new and ongoing one, from 3 November, gravely recessed the otherwise flourishing program of sustainability and the heretofore successful effort towards financial recovery, implemented with the backing of Benaki supporters and with the assistance of the Greek State.

The Benaki Museum 2020 Annual Campaign comes at the end of this challenging year and extends an appeal to our family of friends and supporters, such as yourselves, to contribute to the Reserve Fund that will allow the Museum to overcome the current state of emergency. We invite you all to be a part of the Benaki Museum Emergency Relief Fund at this time of global pandemic.

The funds collected will cover gravely recessed operational necessities, including the maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, so that we keep on abiding by the Benaki Museum mission, vision and service to society.

Dear Friends,

This year, the Benaki Museum Annual Campaign does not adopt the customary creative tone of drives dedicated to specific causes and programs. The situation is so critical that we ask for just one thing; to help us sustain the Museum itself.

Thank you for being by our side all these years. With your support, we are committed to keep the Benaki Museum strong, open to Greek society and to the world.


Send a check made payable to the Benaki Museum to: Benaki Museum, 1 Koumbari street, Athens 106 74, Greece, c/o Fundraising and Development Department

For US DONORS: Please make your check payable to the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS), mention Benaki Museum in the memo section and send it back to the Benaki Museum or to KBFUS at 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th floor, New York, NY 10020.


Select one of the following Bank Accounts, mention «NAME_E.Y.A.2020» and contact us at
Τ. +30 212 6875299 | Ε. development@benaki.gr

ALPHA BANK Beneficiary: Benaki Museum
Account No: 3690 0200 2000 759
IBAN: GR76 0140 1150 3690 0200 2000 759

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE Beneficiary: Benaki Museum
Account No: 139-480020-61
IBAN: GR95 0110 1390 0000 1394 8002 061


For US DONORS: Visit www.kbfus.org, click on Donate, select letter B and choose Benaki Museum

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