Thanks to the invaluable help of our sponsors, the Benaki Museum continues to enhance important cultural activities in line with its high quality standards.

Some of the activities that involve sponsors’ contribution are: exhibitions and events, educational programs for children and adults, publications of books and magazines, digitization of archives and collections and conservation of museum artefacts. The Benaki Museum has created specialized sponsorship levels, in order to include a wider range of benefits, thus better serving the needs and aims of your organization.

The Benaki Museum’s sponsorships program indicatively includes the following benefits:

  • Sponsors credit in all accompanying material of the activity, in the Museums website and in the Museums annual magazine
  • Complimentary tickets to the activity (in case there is an entrance fee)
  • Free admission for the sponsor’s employees for all the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the Museum, upon the presentation of their business identity card
  • Complimentary tour/participation in the activity
  • Free tour in the Benaki Museum’s permanent collections
  • Free space rental at the Benaki Museum’s buildings for sponsor’s event
  • Free copies of the accompanying publication of the activity
  • Free copies of the Benaki Museum’s Guides including the Central Building, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Annual “Benaki Museum” Magazine
  • Discount for space rental at the Benaki Museum’s buildings for sponsor’s events
  • Discount on all Museum publications
  • Discount on corporate/personal gift purchases at the Benaki Museum Shop
  • Discount in all Benaki Museum’s Restaurants
  • E-invitations for the sponsors employees for all Benaki Museum’s events

The Benaki Museum also accepts in-kind sponsorships, such as equipment (exhibition cases, projectors and screens, hardware, software, etc.) or services (transportation and insurance of artworks, printing, guests’ hospitality, etc.). Benefits for in-kind sponsorships are based on the contributions’ market value.

For more information about the Sponsorships Program: mthrouvala@benaki.gr