The Benaki Museum is one of the oldest museum organisations in Greece. The Museum’s purpose is to preserve collective memories and cultural heritage; and its holdings include distinctive artefacts from every stage of Greek and world artistic production, dating from prehistoric times to the present day.

The Museum’s collections include 47,388 artefacts; more than 160,000 books; more than 1,000 historical document archives; 217,515 photograph negatives and 16,499 original prints; as well as 32 Neohellenic Architecture archives.

The Museum’s research activities cover a wide variety of cognitive fields, ranging from information technology to the social and cultural sciences. The manner in which the Museum Departments are organised and run, and the expertise of its scientific staff, are key to serving the institution’s research needs. The Museum’s main concern is to protect, conserve and showcase cultural heritage, while also seeking ways to create links between our contemporary society and this heritage and render it accessible to the research establishment. To this end, the Museum maintains close links with similar Institutions and prestigious domestic and foreign universities, actively developing interdisciplinary approaches able to locate and process thoroughly modern-day social and cultural challenges.

Contact: Stavros Vlizos,


The Benaki Museum supports the development and completion of research activity through a wide range of resources including the:

  • Library
  • Archives (Historical, Photographic, Neohellenic Architecture, Performing Arts)
  • Information Technology Department
  • Conservation Department
  • Publications


Fields of research

The material gathered at the Benaki Museum constitutes a basic resource for research opportunities in the following fields:

I. Human sciences

II. Information Technology - New Technologies

III. Art conservation



Ongoing and concluded research programmes
Field I: Human sciences
Field III: Art conservation
International collaborations