The Paintings Conservation Section is responsible for the care and conservation of the byzantine and post-byzantine icons of the collection, paintings, from 2nd century Fayum portraits to contemporary works.

Also a rather wide group of objects, varying in size, function and origin from the Neo-Hellenic, Islamic and Toys collections.
From large scale architectural
items, such as the highly decorated facing of a 17th c. room of a mansion in Siatista, to wall-paintings, furniture, polychromes, gilded objects and musical instruments made of wood and tiny, delicate toys, all “painted” objects are handled by our team. Paintings include a variety of media; usually egg tempera in icons, but also oil, distemper, wax, acrylic, or mixtures of these. Supports may include wood panel, fabric and metal.

Works in our care are conserved to preserve structural stability and aesthetic appearance, taking into account the artist’s original intent and the passing of time, under the national and international codes of ethics in the conservation field. Basic treatments will involve consolidation, cleaning, support stabilization and restoration.

Supported by the Science Lab, paintings conservators pursue their interest to investigate into the methods and materials of Greek or Greece related artists and craftsmen. They work closely with colleagues from other museums on joint relevant projects and publish their work.

Conservation administration, exhibition design and installation are also carried out by members of our team.


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