Information Technology

Information Technology
The Information Technology Department of the Benaki Museum was established in 1991 in order to introduce, develop, coordinate and support the use of information technology at the Museum.

Its activities include:

  • Electronic documentation and management of the Museum’s collections by developing and supporting computer systems,
  • Promotion of the Museum’s collections and of Greek culture in general, by developing multimedia applications (CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, information kiosks),
  • Broadening the Museum’s communication with the public, by developing the Museum’s website and keeping it updated,
  • Support for the Museum Departments in their use of information technology,
  • Production of terminology standards to document the cultural information of the museum objects,
  • Digitisation of the collections and archives and management of digital records through the operation of a special digitisation workshop.

In the course of its operation, the Information Department has kept close track of developments in information technology and communication, and has participated actively in many European programs, in which new and pioneering computer technologies have been tested and applied.

Systems for Documenting and Managing museum artifacts

Multimedia and internet technologies

Networking Technologies with other Museums and cultural organizations

The information bulletin Mitos