Research programmes

Research programmes

Human sciences

Amykles Research Programme

The production of copper alloy artefacts in late antiquity

«Mamluk textiles. Fabrics in context»

"The Benaki Museum Chinese Art Collection"

“Catalogue of Greek manuscripts (17th-20th century) in the Benaki Museum Collection”

“Visions from the Future of the Revolution. Atlantic Cosmopolitanism and British Philhellenism (18th and 19th centuries)”

“Paris – Athens 1919-1939: A double voyage”

"People and places from the Archive of the Struggle for Independence at the Benaki Museum"

Greek Bibliography of the 19th Century

Cataloguing the work of Eleni Vernadaki

Art Conservation

Integrated elemental tagging technologies and non-destructive techniques for authentication and identity verification of archaeological artefacts, works of art and museum quality technologically authentic copies

The development of methodology for the analysis of pigments in 20th century paintings with the use of non-destructive techniques. Implementation in paintings by N. H.-Ghika, which belong to the collection of the Benaki Museum

Technological study of 14th and 15th century icons from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Crete – Collection of Saint Catherine of Sinai

Copperware in Late Antiquity: Technical construction and Decoration, Composition and Conservation

Technical study and conservation of an Epitaphios from the Valadorou Donation (14th century)

Digital reproduction additions for French tissue stereoviews

International collaborations

Memorandum of understanding between the Benaki Museum and Princeton University.

Benaki Museum – A. G. Leventis Gallery